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2017 N35 sintered ndfeb magnet prices of raw materials

by:Newland     2020-05-06
Recent ups and downs, sintered ndfeb magnet raw materials price a little lower, so everyone is focused on N35 sintered ndfeb magnet current prices of raw materials. Sintered ndfeb magnet percentage content of rare earth elements as: neodymium iron 32% : 67% 1% boron. And, of course, a small amount of other rare earth elements, according to the different proportion, the proportion of the formation of the different grades. The bigger the brand, the stronger the magnetism. Here is on October 24, 2017 N series of sintered ndfeb magnet blank price on October 24, 2017 raw materials prices in 143 - N35 148 yuan/kg. A few days before and after the price float is not very big.
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