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Richard Webb update: EDT does not have a nearby mountain range to attract the ski Brotherhood at 14: 00 on March 2, 2011, and there is no 1 inch sunshine
The Hungarian coast is wet with rain, keeping a low profile during holiday activities.
But this humble country
Between Slovakia and Austria.
There are other pleasures here: friendly people, low crime rates, cheap living, and even cheaper houses.
Hungary is also one of the most fascinating capitals in the world.
The elegant architecture, exquisite restaurants and apartments of Budapest are called the Pearl of the Danube-
The leading real estate market is decorated with great rivers. ‘Two-
Richard Holmes, based in the Capital Gateway Properties, says the bedroom apartment in the classic building is spacious and costs £ 65,000.
Holmes said prices fell 15 percentage points from peak years, but he expects the market to start recovering soon.
\"It should have been a long time --
Long term investment, the rental market is active: for apartments with good conditions in popular locations, a six-cent rental yield is realistic.
Outside Budapest
Serviced by several cheap airlines, return flights for less than £ 100prices tumble.
Rural properties in southern and eastern Hungary can be snapped up for £ 10,000.
Most British buyers are attracted to Lake Balaton.
Just over an hour\'s drive from the capital, it is estimated that there are more than 1,000 British-owned holiday homes by the lake, the largest holiday home in central Europe.
Known for its water sports, hot springs and famous resorts, it is a natural scenic spot.
A National Park in the north. Vineyards are covered with volcanic hills.
The lake attracts many vacationers, 70 of whom are Hungarian.
The average weekly salary here is £ 100, so restaurants and hotel operators have to be priced accordingly.
Norman, 68, and Margaret Bradford, 64, lived near the village of Cserszegtomaj for six years.
They plan to return to England in two weeks without results.
They were hunting when they saw a land for sale.
We have 1,500, including our own vineyards.
We knocked down an old farmhouse, kept the two wine cellars we found and built one
Former oil worker Mr Bradford said he spent £ 36,000 on the land and another £ 50,000 on the bungalow.
The daughter of Bradford, Ronda, was also fascinated by baratton.
She bought a four last year.
She intends to spend five weeks of annual leave with her husband on a 21,000 property.
One of the great advantages of rural Hungary is that most properties have a large amount of land.
Our plot is about 2,000 square meters, she said.
Ronda is not going to rent her cottage for the holidays.
We don\'t need rent to pay because it\'s too cheap, she said.
It\'s unbelievable to think that we spent so little money on a three-story house.
I like the friendly people and the beautiful scenery here.
The National Park is a five.
A few minutes by car, there are many amenities nearby, including Lidl, Tesco and Safeway. ’The house-
The purchase process is direct.
Family members appreciate the reduced cost of living.
If Hungary joins the euro area, things may change, but we can all eat outside and enjoy a bottle of wine for £ 12, Ronda said.
Like most parts of Europe, the country\'s economy has suffered in recession. Government-
Austerity measures implemented at the end of 2006 helped cut the budget deficit from above gross domestic product in 2006 to three.
In 2010, 8% per cent.
After the economic contraction in 2009, the financial rebound last year, growth of more than 2.
It is expected to reach 5 percentage points in 2011.
Steve Davis has 700 properties on his books, and he sells about 85 properties a year, many of which are sold to British buyers.
80 people are interested in holiday homes, usually 2-
A 30-minute drive from Lake Balaton, a bedroom farmhouse with half an acre of land.
A property like this costs only £ 25,000.
The main lakeside location usually attracts 100,000plus price tag.
But while the price of the lake has been flat for the past two years, rural properties have steadily risen in recent years in a short period of time.
Compared with neighboring countries such as Croatia, the price here is still 40 cents cheaper.
The Hungarian market is far less volatile than most of Europe, Davis said. Davis believes that low operating costs are an important advantage.
For a typical holiday home, you can expect to pay around £ 300 a year, including £ 50 for municipal taxes.
The renovation project will be completed at only £ 10,000.
The labor price is as low as £ 30 per day, the main DIY shops are all over Hungary, the renovation is relatively easy and the cost is low, as Lynn and Chris can do a good job of renovating from Dorchester, Dorset County, found
They bought one in 2010.
Bedroom detached property located near enying town, 20 minutes from Lake Balaton coast for a price of £ 22,000.
They spent another £ 11,000 to renovate it.
Because it\'s only two hours from the UK, Lynn and Chris, 42year-
Old carpenter, often enjoying a weekend break in the cabin.
Hungary is an ideal place to explore Europe.
While inland, the Adriatic is only two hours away and Vienna is an hour away.
Steve Davis expects house prices to rise in the next few years.
He said, especially in baratton and rural areas, just because they are not consistent with the rest of Europe.
There is a lot to do in Hungary.
Although modern in many ways, its unspoiled countryside and pace of life remind people of Britain 30 years ago.
The Hungarian people have a different outlook on life, and they pay more attention to traditional family values, Davis said.
This is a great place.
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