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Rising trade tensions between the United StatesS.
China has raised concerns about 17 exotic
Detection of high-required rare earth minerals
Technology products such as robots, drones and electric vehicles.
China has recently raised tariffs on U. S. Rare earth exports to 25%. S.
After the Trump administration raised tariffs on Chinese products and the blacklisted telecoms giant Huawei, he threatened to completely halt exports.
Most of the rare earth minerals come from China\'s mines, which have lower wages, loose environmental standards, lower production costs and easier.
But trade experts say no one should be alarmed about China\'s threat to stop exporting these elements to the United States. S. There is a U. S.
Rare Minerals in California.
Australia, Myanmar, Russia and India are also major producers of some lesser-known minerals.
Vietnam and Brazil have huge reserves of rare earth.
\"The sky is not falling,\" Mary B said . \"
Teagarden is a Chinese expert, Professor and Vice President of Phoenix Thunderbird School of Global Management.
\"There are other options.
\"Simon Lester, deputy director of the Center for Trade Policy Research, a think tank at the Cato Institute in Washington, agreed.
\"In the short term, it can cause a lot of confusion, but hopefully the companies that continue to operate will find a way,\" he said . \". Although the U. S.
China is one of the top 10 countries in the world for rare earth production, and is also a major importer of rare earth. 80% of rare earth purchases from other countries are imported from China, according to US media reports. S.
Geological Survey.
Last year, China produced about 120,000 metric tons of rare earth and 15,000 metric tons of rare earth in the United States.
The United States also relies on China to separate the minerals extracted from the Yamaguchi mine, the only rare earth mine in the United States. S.
Bought by Chicago two years ago.
Headquartered in JHL Capital Group LLC.
\"We need to developS. -
So we can\'t be threatened, \"said Ryan S.
Corbett, managing director, JHL Capital.
The top products of the mine are nd, pr or NdPr, and the two elements are used together to make light magnets that help electric cars and wind turbines, and are found in electronic products such as laptop hard drives.
Yamaguchi, in San Bernardino County, California, was once the world\'s top supplier of rare earth minerals, but China began to occupy the market in its 1990 s, while the United StatesS.
The mine was shut down in 2002.
Later, Yamaguchi resumed production, but closed again in the 2015 bankruptcy.
Corbett said mining resumed last year after JHL Capital purchased the site with New York QVT Financial LP and Sheng and Resources Holdings Ltd, which holds a 30% stake, Ltd.
A non-Chinese
Voting shareholders of 9. 9%.
Since then, Yamaguchi has been focusing on gaining greater autonomy for $1.
The 7 billion separation system will go live by the end of next year, which will allow it to skip the step of sending rare earth ore to China.
In the long run, China may hurt itself by cutting off the US economy. S.
Experts say.
David Merriman, a rare earth analyst at Roskill Commodity Research in London, said that in 2011, in a similar trade friction with China, japan began to seek minerals from other countries, including Australia, needed to make electronic products.
Australian rare earth production giant LynasLtd.
This month, an agreement was announced with blue line.
A separation facility at an industrial site in horndo, Texas.
There may be other options.
Deposits of rare earths have also been found in other parts of the United States. S.
Some states, including Wyoming and Alaska, and some remote areas of Canada.
The Interior Ministry called for more exploration and exploitation of \"key minerals\", including exploration and exploitation on public lands currently considered off-site
Even in the ocean.
\"We have to be more forward-looking,\" said Alexander Gisi, assistant professor of geological and geological engineering at the Colorado School of gold and mining.
\"It will be better for America. S.
There is a wider range of sources for rare earths.
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