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by:Newland     2019-10-13
Find the right treatment for her pink, itchy, and then-
The bald scalp is 15-
Fought for Venee kibana for a year.
\"It\'s hard to get the courage to go out every day,\" she said . \".
\"People will stare at you.
You think they know what\'s going on under the headscarf.
\"Kibana has psoriasis and is not properly treated, a disease called Central centrifugal scar hair loss (CCCA)
Mainly found in African-American women.
The combination of these two diseases is serious, says Mr Gibson, and lifealtering.
\"It really affected my self.
If I am honest with myself, I dare say that there is some sadness, \"said Gibson.
\"The only thing that really keeps me going is my faith.
She consulted several doctors before finding them.
Andrew Alex, director of the skin color Center at Mount Sinai, was able to treat and reverse both situations.
He said that psoriasis in people with darker skin is often misdiagnosed or improperly treated.
\"When treating scalp psoriasis in Africa --
American women, you have to take into account their hairstyles, their hair
\"The frequency of washing, the hair products they are using, their overall hair care practices, and weaving in a team that is compatible with their hair care practices,\" Alexis said . \".
A 2016 report from the American Academy of Dermatology found that nearly half of 5,500 African patients
American women surveyed are experiencing some form of hair loss.
Dermatologist Dina Strachan says more and more women are starting internships in CCCA.
Strachan, a dermatologist and hair specialist at the AGlow dermatology department, said: \"relaxation agents and tissues are relatively new, they have been around for decades and we have certainly seen growth . \".
\"Maybe this is how positive people are in changing style,\" Strachan continued . \".
\"We are trying to understand better.
\"Excessive scalp, repeated fever, or chemical damage can lead to CCCA.
But nervous braids or weaving are a major risk factor.
\"Over the years, doing it repeatedly over time can trigger persistent inflammation and permanent damage to follicles,\" Alexis said . \".
\"The longer it takes to wait for diagnosis and treatment, the greater the permanent damage to the follicles.
\"I think it is very important to get a diagnosis before you start treating hair loss.
\"Many people are trying what they see in the store and ordering things on the Internet,\" Strachan said . \".
\"Different types of hair loss require different treatments.
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