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by:Newland     2019-10-09
This year\'s gay, bisexual and transgender pride celebrations will be bigger than ever before.
Organizers say the interest in the 50 th anniversary of the stone wall uprising and the election of New York as host of World Pride Week is heating up, holding a global event every few years, highlighting the issue of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
This is the first time that New York has held this event.
\"During this time, we hope to fill up about 120,000 hotel rooms,\" said Chris Heywood of New York and the city\'s official tourism division.
For two years, the city has been preparing for celebrations for LGBT people, he said.
According to a survey by Airbnb and the international gay, bisexual and transgender Travel Association Foundation, this is an important aspect of the LGBT community.
Their study found that 86% of respondents said the policy of the places they planned to visit was at least a bit important to them.
In response, Airbnb has created its own welcoming environment for potential guests.
\"Types of events we will hold in community space [include]
Josh Meltzer said: \"a party with papi Juice that will celebrate gay nightlife and make kiki\'s live with Louis, focus on the LGBT youth he works on public policy at Airbnb.
New York and the company have done their own work with member businesses, such as launching an initiative called Rainbow Project.
It provides hotels, restaurants and shops with the tools to unify the brand with the entire pride celebration.
\"Anyone who has been in the city for the past few weeks has begun to notice the emergence of the rainbow and the stone wall 50 World Pride signs,\" said United Company David stusinski.
Proud president of New York.
But it\'s not just about putting up a proud flag, says Heywood.
At the end of last year, we actually held a training course with our members to educate them why this part is so important to New York City;
About 10% of our tourist market is like this.
This is a major economic impact.
\"New York and the company also put together a comprehensive list of inclusive activities and other ways to enjoy the city during Pride.
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