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14 website design tips that will help you convert more prospects into buyers

by:Newland     2019-10-24
If you want to know what it takes to build a website that converts potential customers into buyers, this article is for you.
While I \'ve seen websites that are poorly designed to make money, these types of websites are more exceptional than the rules.
My experience is that most successful sites have common design features that enable them to attract potential customers.
Here are 14 website design tips to help you turn more potential customers into buyers: 1.
Make sure your website loads quickly.
There is nothing more annoying for visitors than websites that always need to be loaded.
You may have the greatest site in the world, but visitors won\'t be wandering around if the load time is too long. 2.
Have a clear identity
Have you ever landed on a website and don\'t know what it is about?
How do you feel?
Don\'t you like it?
I bet you probably clicked soon.
Your visitors don\'t like it either.
Don\'t let your visitors try to figure out what exactly your site is about.
Make it clear from the beginning.
Having a big, descriptive title on your home page is a great way to announce the content of your site.
Also, choose the relevant keywords for your page, instead of cheating others in order to catch the eye.
Keep your keywords relevant to your web page. 3. Keep it simple.
Don\'t worry about making an impression with all sorts of unnecessary whistles and bells. (
Does anyone really need flash? )
Focus on availability, sales, and conversion.
Simple website design. 4.
White space is a good thing.
Away from clutter.
Have a clean user
Friendly website that makes it easy for visitors to find what they want.
Remember, blank space is a good thing.
Also, if your site has a lot of content and/or a lot of pages, add a search box to make it easier for your visitors to find what they want. 5.
There are compelling copies sold.
Ultimately, the conversion comes down to a copy of the sale.
If you do not have the ability to write a valid copy of the sale, please hire someone who is capable.
The investment is worth it. 6.
Don\'t give too many choices to potential customers.
While diversity can be a good thing, giving too many options to your prospects can often backfire. Why?
Because too many options for potential customers will confuse them.
Prospects are confused not to buy.
Limit the product to no more than three options. 7.
Make it easier for people to subscribe to your content.
Remember, invisible, no brain.
Keep your website in the most important position of potential customers through your content videos, RSS feeds, etc. 8.
Update your content regularly.
Give visitors a reason to return to your site with regularly updated content.
Search engines also like fresh content.
Therefore, updating your content regularly will also help your SEO efforts. 9.
Use a strong call to action.
Tell your visitors what you want them to do.
Let them know if you want them to subscribe to your newsletter.
Let them know if you want them to buy things.
Don\'t let your visitors guess what you want them to do. Tellthem. 10.
Make your website readable.
Do you remember the short-sighted cartoon character? Magoo?
He always squinted around trying to visually decipher what was in front of him.
Well, that\'s what I thought when I visited some sites.
I found myself squinting like a gentleman.
Because the font is too small.
Guess what happens when this happens?
I\'m leaving.
Keep your reader afavor away from tiny font sizes.
Adhere to the standard 12-
Point fontsize whenever possible.
On the contrary, it is not a good idea to use too large font size.
Just not a reader-friendly.
The other thing is to use ALLCAPS and fancy fonts appropriately. 11.
A picture is worth a look.
If you sell physical products, make sure you have a clear picture of these products to help complete the transaction.
People like to see photos of what they are considering buying.
More importantly, the use of picturesogf products has been shown to increase the conversion rate. 12.
Avoidreverse type.
I am very surprised at how many sites I have written in reverse text.
What is the reverse text?
The reverse text is light or white text on a dark or black background.
Reversetext can produce impressive visuals if used correctly.
The problem is that many websites do not use it properly.
If you have a complete reverse text web page, it is very difficult in the eyes. Why?
Because according to the readability study, even under normal lighting conditions, the reverse text is not suitable for reading because of its ease of reading.
It\'s hard for the eyes, just not the readerfriendly.
That\'s why newspapers, books and magazines are always printed in white paper and in black.
When designing a website, it is better to use black text on white or light color
Color background, best readability.
However, use it in moderation if you decide to use reverse text. 13.
Make the purchase process simple.
Make it easier for potential customers to go from your home page to the product page or thecheckout page.
Don\'t let your prospects click on pages after pages to give you their money.
Or you will lose them. 14.
Your contact details are displayed.
Credibility of your website
Or lack will have the biggest impact on your sales transformation and will ultimately affect the success or failure of your website.
If you sell products directly from your website, it is more important to show your contact details than to use the contact details.
If privacy is affected, you can use services like The UPS Store to get physical shipping and mailing addresses.
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