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130 dc motor magnetic tile technical parameters and use _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
130 dc motor magnetic tile technical parameters and use the network with other magnet ndfeb magnet manufacturers, our company is mainly manufacturing supply all kinds of dc motor magnetic tile, ferrite magnetic steel rotor permanent magnetic ferrite tiles, plastic injection, bonding magnetic pole magnetic ring, magnetic components and so on, welcome customized mould. In ferromagnetics, there is a strong between adjacent electronic & other; Exchange coupling & throughout; Role in without external magnetic field, they can spin magnetic moment in a tiny area & other; Spontaneous & throughout; Spontaneous magnetization lined up together to form a small area, known as magnetic tile. To introduce today is 130 dc motor magnetic tile, with 130 motor magnetic tile. 130 is a dc motor magnetic tile dosage larger magnetic tile products, material according to the different use of customers is different also, main useful ndfeb material, ferrite materials, and bonded ndfeb, the center of the bonded ndfeb magnetic force can reach about 1000 gauss, about 20% higher than that of specific humidity pressure center of magnetic tile magnetic force. Introduced: 130 dc motor magnetic tile specifications are 130 dc motor magnetic tile, may be still a slight gap size, common specifications have: R9. 6*r6. 9 * * h13 W14 and R9. 6*r6. 9*W14*H12*t2. 8, and ( R10 - r8) * 14 * for chord length 13, 14, 13 as height and so on. Part of the model of the technical parameters as follows: to a certain brand of product, detailed technical parameters are as follows: 1, the types of products: have 2 brush dc motor, power rating: 3 ( 千瓦) 3, rated voltage: 3. 0 ( (五) 1 (V, rated current: 一) A 5, rated speed: 10000 ( rpm) 22 (6 r/min, the rated torque NM) 7, appearance size: 12 ( 毫米) 9 mm 8, product certification, ROHS, scope of application: toys, vibration massager, hair dryer, central lock, water pump, small water pumps, dryers, efficiency: 80 ( %) Extended information: basic it is in our common toy car 130 motor. The performance of the motor is varied some explosive force is high, but the power consumption is big, if it is a long track, appear even the battery consumption light could not finish some straight accelerating performance is good, but in many corners, no hair, long straights may speed couldn't get on. Some slow speed and high acceleration, which is adapted to long straights, once the speed reached its peak, just can't keep up with the other car. That is about 130 dc motor magnetic tile magnetic steel manufacturer size and material as you have a bigger magnetic tile ( 5 series, 7) Or have intention to open mould please contact the site.
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