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130 dc motor magnetic tile size and material are introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Ricky magnetoelectricity technology co. , LTD. Dongguan card is not the same as other magnet manufacturers, our company is mainly manufacturing supply all kinds of dc motor magnetic tile, ferrite magnetic steel rotor permanent magnetic ferrite tiles, plastic injection, bonding magnetic pole magnetic ring, magnetic components and so on, welcome customized mould. Today is to introduce the 130 dc motor magnetic tile pictures than 130 motor magnetic tile. 130 is a dc motor magnetic tile dosage larger magnetic tile products, material according to the different use of customers is different also, main useful ndfeb material, ferrite materials, and bonded ndfeb, the center of the bonded ndfeb magnetic force can reach about 1000 gauss, about 20% higher than that of specific humidity pressure center of magnetic tile magnetic force. Introduction to 130 dc motor magnetic tile specifications; Are 130 dc motor magnetic tile, may be still a slight gap size, common specifications have: R9. 6*r6. 9 * * h13 W14 and R9. 6*r6. 9*W14*H12*t2. 8, and ( R10 - r8) * 14 * for chord length 13, 14, 13 as height and so on. That's Ricky about 130 dc motor magnetic tile magnetic steel factory card size and material are introduced, such as: do you have a bigger magnetic tile ( 5 series, 7) Or have intention to open mold welcome contact. Related magnetic tile product recommendations; Ferrite tile type magnet ndfeb magnetic tiles bonded ndfeb magnetic tile
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