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13 exotic elements we can\'t live without

by:Newland     2019-09-22
James Mitchell Claude from indium touch screen to nium-
Fully equipped lunar spacecraft, other areas of the periodic table support modern technology-but when you learn to play light switch, there is less and less supply, the creepy eu glow brightens your leisure on the table.
You open it and sweep its indium with your fingers-
Share price touch screen.
In a few seconds, the information pulse follows erbium-
The highway laid by the Internet.
Music to surf with you?
Beach Boys float through the nd magnet in your state --of-the-art headphones.
For many of us, such a scene is a secular reality.
We rarely stop to think about material progress that supports our material progress.
However, almost all of our personal devices and technological innovations have something in common.
They rely on some very unfamiliar material from the nether reach of the periodic table.
Even if you \'ve never heard of anything like nium, er, or ta, it\'s possible that it\'s not far from where you\'re sitting.
You will hear more about them soon too.
Demand for these nameless elements is soaring so that it will soon overtake supply.
This is partly because of our insatiable desire for the latest equipment, but more and more equipment is also driven by green --
The energy revolution.
Hard per headset or computer
Driving this depends on the magnetic properties of nd or dys, the wind turbines or motors of electric vehicles need more things.
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