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$1 trillion trove of rare minerals revealed under afghanistan

by:Newland     2019-09-27
Although Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, it may be one of the world\'s richest minerals, worth nearly $1 trillion, according to U. S. scientists.
Afghanistan is almost as big a country as Texas, and with the fierce collision between the Indian subcontinent and Asia, there is a lot of minerals. The U. S.
Geological Survey (USGS)
Start checking Afghanistan\'s mineral resources after the United StatesS. -
On 2004, the leadership forces ousted the Taliban.
It turned out that the staff of the Geological Survey of Afghanistan kept the geological map of the Soviet Union and reported a history of 50 years or more suggesting geological gold mines. In 2006, U. S.
The researchers carried out aerial missions to carry out magnetic, gravity and high spectral measurements over Afghanistan.
Magnetic Measurement of Iron
When gravity measurements try to identify deposits, it carries minerals up to 6 miles
A basin full of oil and gas.
The spectrum of rock reflection was investigated by a high-spectral survey to determine the characteristic light of each mineral.
In just two months, more than 70% of the country\'s maps were drawn. [
Facts about rare earth minerals (Infographic)]
The investigation verified all the major findings of the Soviet Union.
Afghanistan could have 60 million tons of copper.
2 billion tons of iron ore, 1.
4 million tons of rare earth elements such as la, ce, nd, as well as lodes of aluminum, gold, silver, zinc, Mercury, lithium.
For example, Khanneshin carbonate deposits are estimated at $89 billion in Helmand province, Afghanistan, as it is associated with rare earth elements.
\"Afghanistan is a country with very, very rich mineral resources,\" said Jack Kotlin, a US geologists and project manager. S.
The Geological Survey\'s Afghanistan project told the field science.
\"We have identified the potential of at least 24 worlds --
Mineral deposits.
\"The work of scientists has been very detailed in the August.
15 issues of science
Afghanistan treasure mapsIn 2010, data from the U. S. Geological Survey has attracted attention in the United States. S.
Task Force on operational and stable operations of the Ministry of Defense (TFBSO)
The task of reconstruction in Afghanistan.
The task force estimates the value of mineral resources in Afghanistan at $908 billion, compared with the government of Afghanistan at $3 trillion. [
Gold quiz: How much do you know about gold mining? ]
Over the past four years, the US Geological Survey and TFBSO have conducted dozens of trips in the war zone to collect and analyze mineral samples to confirm the discovery in the air.
\"The assessment of mineral resources in Afghanistan is not like going out to do normal field work in the United States,\" Medlin said . \".
\"What became very, very obvious in Afghanistan was a lot
In order to access any website in the country, planning must be carried out, such as who will provide security and how much security is required.
You also have to plan how to get to a certain place, and as for most parts of Afghanistan, you can\'t drive there, our work involves helicopters, for our safety, we did not take samples on the ground for a long time.
\"The work of the researchers has helped to develop basically treasure maps that let the mining companies know what minerals are there, how much, where, and all of them to attract bids for deposit rights.
The Afghan government has signed 30-
This year, a $3 billion contract was signed with China Metallurgical Group.
Beijing-based State-owned mining company that mines Mes Aynak copper mine and grants mining rights to the country\'s largest iron mine to state-owned groups in India
Operating and private companies. [
Is China mining a monopoly on rare earth? Op-Ed]
\"These resources provide the potential for Afghanistan to develop its economy, create jobs and build infrastructure in the future,\" said Kobayashi . \".
Rich mineral resources can help Afghanistan get rid of poverty and fight crime and terrorism.
Coordinator of the United StatesS.
Geological Survey of Afghanistan project
\"Terrorists in Afghanistan have taken advantage of the suffering of the local people,\" milzad said . \".
\"If you provide people with jobs, if they can bring bread to the table, and if they have something to defend, there will be no influence on a small number of terrorists.
\"There are huge challenges in developing mining in Afghanistan.
\"One of the biggest challenges is security,\" said Mr. Kotlin . \".
\"Another challenge is the lack of infrastructure.
We are talking about access to energy, which is necessary to develop mines.
We are talking about roads, railways and other means of transportation.
We are also talking about getting water, which is necessary in most mining operations.
It is a big challenge, but it is feasible.
It doesn\'t happen overnight, but it works.
\"The US Geological Survey is currently helping to rebuild the scientific expertise of the Afghan Geological Survey, teaching researchers modern technologies such as remote sensing.
\"We hope to bring the geological survey work in Afghanistan into the 21 st century,\" said Mr Mullin . \"
\"The aim is to help Afghans develop their mineral resources in a sustainable way.
\"Mining and other forms of natural resource development can lead to corruption, corruption, social unrest and environmental degradation.
Other resource-rich countries, such as Botswana, Chile and Norway, can provide a good example to Afghanistan in order to avoid these problems, editor Marcia mcnath saidin-
In the summer of 2012, the chief of Science magazine and the director of the US Geological Survey.
McNutt noted that, for example, the important factors contributing to peace and prosperity in these countries are strong public institutions, fair redistribution of income, environmental planning and education, investment in scientific institutions and human resources.
\"Afghan leaders will make many important decisions in the coming years and decades,\" McNutt wrote in an editorial in August . \".
15 issues of science
\"Science opens the door to a more prosperous future.
May they use this opportunity wisely.
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