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Magnetic and Physical Properties

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Sintered Ferrite Magnets, hard ferrite, hard ferrite magnet is also called Ceramic Magnets.

There are mainly two types of ferrite magnets, barium ferrite (BaO.6Fe2O3) and strontium ferrite (SrO.6Fe2O3). Since ., so sintered ferrite magnets are very cheap. In another hand, since the magnetic properties of sintered ferrite magnets is fairly good, so sintered ferrite magnets widely used in many different applications, such as motors and loudspeakers.

Sintered ferrite magnets, hard ferrites, hard ferrite magnets are available in isotropic magnets and anisotropic magnets. The magnetic properties of isotropic ferrite are low. Since they have nearly the same magnetic properties in all directions, so isotropic ferrite magnets can be magnetized in many different directions or in multi-poles. Anisotropic ferrite magnets have better magnetic properties compare with isotropic ferrite magnets. However this type of magnets can only be magnetized along a preferred direction.

Why choose Ferrite Magnets?
1. Low cost and low price.
The raw material cost is very cheap and manufacturing process is simply.so the price of it is very low
2. Nice temperature stability
Ferrite magnets can be used between -40°C and +200°C
3. Hard and brittle
They can be cut using diamond tools
4. Well prevent corrosion
The raw material of sintered ferrite magnet is oxide, so ferrite magnets will not be rusted under severe environment nor affected by many chemicals (except some strong acids).
5. Applications for sintered ferrite magnets
Widely used in many different applications, such as motors and loudspeakers.

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