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Ningbo Newland International Trade Co., Ltd. is a privately owned corporation that specializes in manufacturing sintered and bonded Nd-Fe-B, cast and sintered Al-Ni-Co, Sm-Co magnets, assembling magnet components, and magnetic systems. Since the company was founded in 2003 it has invested and held two main manufactories in Ningbo, China for the sale and export of magnets (mentioned above). Today the annual production capacity of sintered and bonded NdFeB is over 1000 tons, Sm-Co over 20 tons, sintered and cast Al-Ni-Co is over 300 tons, as well as assembling magnet components over 80,000 pieces each month.

With an experienced management team for the Newland company and engineers that have more than 10 years of experience with sintered NdFeB, we produce customized magnets and assist our clients to choose the best, low cost magnets using our experience. Also, we own regular labs and test centers with full facilities and a large group of excellent technique specialists to provide the best quality available. Newland processes a wide spectrum of high quality permanent magnets ready to satisfy any practical requirement in every operable condition.

Newland utilizes new sintered Ndfeb techniques and equipment such as Strip Casting, HDDR (Hydrogenation Disproportionation Desorption Recombination) technology to make many different grades of NdFeB from N,H,SH,UH and EH grade ,(BH)max from 33-51 MGOe, maximum working temperature up to 230 Degrees Centigrade. All the products are manufactured according to the ISO 9002 quality system. Newland can supply licensed and unlicensed NdFeB magnets to licensed area.

Aside from our magnet products, our machine factories can make and assemble any magnetic components, and systems (i.e. magnetic hooks, magnet filters, speaker parts, motor parts, and other common applications). We use 3D engineering software to help clients design and analyze their prototype.  Based on LCR (Low Cost Regions) and advanced management, we can supply more competitive magnets to our clients at very competitive prices.
Most of our products sell to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, USA, and Russia. Not only have we provided magnets but also the solutions of magnet application assembly.

If you care to know more details and to view what else our company can do for you, please browse our website at www.neomax.cn or www.newlandmagnet.com.

   Nov 2005   Founded new magnetic components manufactory nearby our magnet factory . This new factory is mainly process metal parts and plastic parts , assembly different kinds of magnetic applications .
   Nov 2004  Founded sintered magnet company in Gaoqiao County. Factory is mainly manufactured sintered NdFeB and SmCo magnets.
   Mar 2003   as a independent sales company of Zhongke Maigao Magnet Material Company located in Anji ,Hangzhou . Newland Company has cooperated with Zhongke Maigao and sale magnet for its oversea market . Till now, Zhongke Maigao is also still a basic magnet manufacturer of Newland. 

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